DVR it! 056VT on Channel 7 hosts NCDN!

056VTJust a quick note to announce the date and time for the new Channel 7 show, 056VT, hosted by Andrea Melville.  On Monday evening Andrea hosted the live show to discuss the Northfield Community Development Network.  George Goodrich and the crew at Trans-Video brought in a bunch of equipment to record the show and run it again later this week.  If you’re a Trans-Video subsciber, watch for Andrea every Monday night at 7pm.

This week’s show featuring NCDN will air on Thurday morning.  You may be busy, so set your DVR to record Channel 7, April 7th at 10 am!

The details:

  • What:  056VT hosted by Andrea Melville
  • Date:  This Thursday,  April 7th.
  • Time:  10am
  • Place:  Channel 7

If you don’t have a DVR or dont’ subscribe to Trans-Video, you canclick on the Nate’s Updates SoundCloud audio link below.  But I promise you the video is much better, so set your DVR fo Channel 7.  When?  Thursday morning at 10am!


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