Tuesday Night: Farmer’s Market, East St., and Frieghtyard Way.

Six weeks ago I promised ice cream in the post, “EcDev:  What’s new behind the scenes!”  Well, it’s time for ice cream!  But first, a few really intriguing questions:

What if there were walk-in shops on both sides of the East Street Block? 

East St   Google Maps
Current view of East Street Block, South SideWhat if someone built a across the Dog River?

What if someone built a 4-story micro-apartment complex on Freightyard Way, overlooking the proposed Water Street Park across the Dog River?


What if Northfield’s downtown housed more people who could support local businesses without the need to create more parking spaces?  What if we had a bigger tax base without having to clear forests or parcel out farmland along our dirt roads?

And finally, what if someone asked you to share what you think about all this?

Well, on Tuesday you can share your thoughts and think more deeply about opportunities for Northfield’s future and economic recovery.  The Northfield Community Development Network (NCDN) is hosting “Night on the Common” in partnership with the Planning Commission and Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission.

As you may know, the Farmer’s Market runs from 3-6pm, so there will be plenty of time to socialize and buy local.

From 6-7pm there will be a presentation by consultants who have drafted a conceptual plan regarding economic development on Freightyard Way and the East Street Block — two prime locations in Northfield’s downtown.  Their purpose:  to find out what you think!

You can also provide input on the NCDN’s proposed brand for Northfield at one table under the tent.  Advocates for the proposed Water Street Park will also be present at a table of their own.  And of course, there will be ice cream!

So take a break from the usual routine and come on down to the Farmer’s Market this week (July 19th)!  Share your input on Northfield’s economic development and future developments. East Street Block.

You probably know the East Street Block from NSB to the Dog River.  If you don’t happen to know the Freightyard Way area, here’s a picture slideshow.  It’s probably one of the easiest places to build new structures, with power, water, and sewer all set to go.   And lots of space in the back next to the scenic Dog River.

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One thought on “Tuesday Night: Farmer’s Market, East St., and Frieghtyard Way.”

  1. Excited about these ideas and look forward to hearing all about it on Tuesday! Hope to see lots of folks there.


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