Fat Santa is coming to town, and bringing business with him!

Wha?  Who’s Fat Santa?  Everyone knows Santa is a jolly old soul with a beard and a well-rounded belly.  But Fat Santa is Mr. Claus’ more physically fit cousin.  He doesn’t need 12 tiny reindeer (plus Rudolph) to pull him around.  Nope.  Fat Santa comes to town on a ground-grabbing FatBike!

Why is he coming to town?  Noah at Bicycle Express, a long-time friend  of the skinny Claus, has invited Fat Santa to Northfield for a FatBike race in his honor.  The race is this Saturday starting at 10:30 am sharp.  Location:  the Norwich University Shaw Outdoor Center, at the base of our beloved Paine Mountain.

How does Fat Santa bring business to Town?  In a recent interview, Fat Santa demurred with an aw-shucks response.  “Noah at Bicycle Express is really the guy bringing the business to Northfield.  I’m just bringing holiday cheer to the race.”  Fat Santa continued,
“I’m sure you’ve heard of Santa’s Helpers.  Well,  my Helpers are a little different.  FatBikers bring the gift of cash wherever they go.  You’ll probably see them lifting a mug at a brew pub or chowing down at an eating establishment after the race.”

Is Fat Santa real?  Definitely.  He’s as real as his cousin Claus.

What are the details of the festivity and how do I sign up?  You can get all the details on The Fat Santa FatBike Race facebook page.  Who else will be there?  Wow.  At least 24 men and women riders will be coming from as far North as Burlington and as far South as Lyme, NH.

Last Question:  What’s a FatBike?   A FatBike has an uber-lightweight frame and big, gnarly fat tires.  It’s designed for all season riding.  They plow through snow, float over mud, shovel through sand dunes, and ride like balloons across the rockiest terrain.




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