Moving Forward. What’s the Plan?

Lynn and Julie at Good MeasureCongratulations

A sincere congratulations to Julie Goodrich and Lynn Doney on their election and re-election to the Selectboard on Town Meeting Day.  I’m looking forward to working with Julie and Lynn over the next two years.

Moving Forward

So, what’s next?  While I won’t be setting the agenda, my thought is that the Board would do well to take a look at the Town Plan as a guide as we think about our vision for the future.  The Plan covers quite a few specific ideas which are forgotten over time.  However, Northfield’s Town Plan provides important recommendations for public spending and economic development, two of the most important issues in our community at this time.  This is why we need to review the Plan

What’s the Plan?

Northfield Town PlanThe Town Plan speaks for all of us.  It was created through a process which involved broad public input. A series of public meetings were advertised and open to everyone.  No voice was excluded or ignored.  Participation was excellent.  The Plan represents consensus in our vision for Northfield moving forward. 

There have been times in public discussion when the Plan has been dismissed as “a guide” rather than a serious tool for planning and action.  My point isn’t to get into negativity — it’s simply to point out that we have a great resource we shouldn’t dismiss out of hand.

You can download and read the Plan here:  NORTHFIELD_TOWN_PLAN_2014


One thought on “Moving Forward. What’s the Plan?”

  1. The plan was never at all developed with “broad public involvement” nor was it designed to reflect broad public interest, rather a narrow interest of the business and politicly entrenched. The plan has and will continue to result in higher taxes with no benefit to most Northfield residents. How about fixing basic infrastructure town wide instead of major projects that are poorly implemented with inadequate quality assurance and management.


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