Appointed Positions

Planning & Zoning — Please consider your role.

On Tuesday I will be attending my first meeting as a member of the Selectboard. I will begin posting regular updates to help keep you informed of my work.

But first, let’s talk about you.

If you interested in change, please consider playing a role. While some positions are elected, members of several governing bodies are appointed. Of these, I hope you consider applying for the following:

Planning Commission. One (4) year appointment; One (3) year appointment
Zoning Board of Adjustment. One (5) year appointment; One (4) year appointment

These are very important positions because, on Tuesday, there is a resolution to create a Design Review Board. The DRB membership will be composed of current members of the ZBA. Whether or not the DRB is created, these roles are important because they govern the development of the town.

Please consider requesting an appointed position. All positions up for appointment by the end of the month can be found here: